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VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or phone service over the internet. VoIP converts your audio signals into digital signals and phone calls are made bypassing the telephone company and using your high-speed internet connection. VoIP can offer features that your current telephone service can’t. You’ll receive a fully customizable VoIP solution providing you with a comprehensive set of features and capabilities of the enterprise phone system. Transform the way you conduct business and increase efficiency in the workplace.


Unlimited Nation-wide calling

Standard voicemail and voicemail to email

Full featured voicemail system with every phone

IVR (Integrated Voice Response System)

Caller ID (Number Only)

Call Forwarding and ``Follow Me``

Unlimited Users

Some providers charge per user. With our service you can have as many phones or “users” as you need at no additional cost.

HD Calling

Business Hours Routing

Open from 9 to 5? Calls can come in 24/7. We can route incoming calls to one location during business hours and to another after hours.

Standard Caller ID

Hold Music

Standard music on hold is included with every voice plan. You choose from a list of popular hold music. If you want custom songs, seasonal music, or advertisements, we can do that too.

Call Management

KW VoIP has all the calling features you need: hold, extension dial, transfer (attended and non-attended), Do Not Disturb (DND), call waiting, 3-way calling and much more.

Web Based Control

Every KW VoIP account comes with an incredible web portal where admin users can customize phone features, check call logs, change call forward settings, and more.


Digital Faxing uses a Fax ATA box to connect to your existing Fax Machine. The ATA will replace your current dedicated fax phoneline. You will use the fax machine the same way you are using it now, but all the faxes will be sent through our fax server making them more reliable and cost effective for you. Any faxes that you receive can be sent to the fax machine, or an email to save paper and make it more convenient for you.

Efaxing eliminates the need for a fax machine. You can send faxes right from your email, saving time and money! Received faxes are sent right to your email. This saves paper. Save money and go green!!


Technology services to improve efficiency of your business


Reliable phone systems through Voice over Internet Protocol


Cloud data storage and sharing services


Security designed to protect your buildings, personnel, and assets


Expert network cabling to increase performance and efficiency


Assistance and consultation for your business endeavors

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