Access Control

Implementing access control is a crucial component of your business. When it comes to security, access control enables your organization to grant the right users the right level of access with just a click of a button. Our skilled team will install, configure, and manage access control for all of your locations so you can rest easy knowing your team and business are protected. From there, you can easily access and make changes to it from your smartphone.

Access Control You Can Count On

We use only the best technology and systems for our clients, especially when it comes to access control. RFID door access systems are a great solution for businesses that want to keep an eye on their property and limit access to certain areas. RFID systems consist of three components:

  • RFID Tags or Cards: Small, portable devices that contain a unique identification number and can be carried by individuals. These are usually in the form of a card, key fob, or sticker that can be affixed to a mobile device.

  • RFID Readers: These devices are installed at all points of access, like a door or gate, read the unique identification number from the RFID tag/card, and communicate with the system’s controller.

  • System Controller: This is the central computer or device that manages and controls access to the area or resource. It receives the identification number from the RFID reader and compares it to a database of authorized users to determine whether to grant or deny access.

When you need reliable, secure access control solutions for your buildings, put your trust in KW. Contact us today to learn more!

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