Security Surveillance // CCTV

Why do I need a Surveillance System?

Surveillance and Closed-Circuit TV systems are used to monitor behavior and activities -in and around- your properties with the intention of preventing loss, protecting assets, or keeping watch of employees. Importance is placed on analysis of floor plans and vulnerability points to ensure complete and efficient coverage.

  • Oversee Operations
  • Monitor Production
  • Identify Theft

Why should I choose KW Corporation?

KW Corporation offers the very best in surveillance solutions for your corporate, industrial, and retail locations. Keep your buildings, personnel, and assets secure using surveillance cameras, motion detection, infrared detection, and fire detection. KW Corporation Security Solutions can include IP cameras, fixed cameras, PTZ cameras, CCTV, video management systems (VMS), DVRs, system integration, and video analytics. With a KW Surveillance solution, you will have access to your video surveillance system onsite and offsite, allowing you peace of mind at any time. KW Security IT Specialists are Bosch Certified BVMS & Analytics experts who will work with your security personnel to train them on use of your system as well as offer 24/7 technical support of the system.

KW Corporation has been an Authorized Installer of Bosch Security Systems since 2014 with a team of highly trained installation technicians who have completed installation projects across the continental United States. Bosch Security Systems is well known globally as a leader in cutting-edge security products adapting to the technological changes of today’s world.

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