Intrusion Security

Why do I need Intrusion Security?

Intrusion security systems work hand-in-hand with your access control system to detect unauthorized entry into your building. The addition of real-time 24/7/365 Third-Party Monitoring services ensures that the proper owner contacts and government authorities are notified in a timely manner if there is a breach. Life safety security solutions are a necessary measure implemented to ensure no loss of life occurs during a breach or activation of your security system.

  • Protect Personnel
  • Expedite Communication to Authorities
  • Prevent Loss of Life
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Why should I choose KW Corporation?

KW Corporation is a licensed Security Alarm Agency through the state of Michigan. This allows KW Corporation to offer solutions in addition to access control that include Intrusion Solutions, Life Safety Solutions, and Third-Party Security Monitoring Services. Our intrusion systems provide 24/7/365 real-time monitoring of critical zones with onsite and remote access for easy control. You can receive real-time notifications of intrusion as well as be reassured that our system provides redundant methods of alarm communication to ensure communication to owner contacts and the proper authorities are handled in a timely manner.


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