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Access Control from KW Corporation

Why do I need Access Control?

Access control systems are used to control access to doors, turnstiles, production areas, gates, server rooms, and other barriers that require access restrictions. These systems allow you to control entry based on credentials, areas of the building, time of day/week, and specific employee or visitor needs. An access control system allows changes to be made quickly and easily with granular oversight, removing the need to monitor expensive physical key possession, use, and loss. Professional design, installation, and maintenance are crucial to an effective access control security system.

  • Secure Facilities
  • Controlled Entry
  • Visitor Management

Why should I choose KW Corporation?

KW Corporation offers a diverse selection of access control solutions that will meet your needs based on building size, use, and desired reporting capabilities. Our Sales Engineer will work with your organization to design the perfect solution to meet your security needs. KW Access Control Solutions integrate with time-tracking software and advanced Bluetooth credentials. You could also gain advanced control of visitor access through the implementation of our Visitor Management Solutions. KW Corporation offers professional installation by Gallagher Certified Security Technicians and 24/7 continued technical support by Gallagher Certified Engineers for your regularly scheduled upgrades and maintenance as well as support for your technical issues, concerns, and modifications.

KW Corporation is an Authorized Dealer & Licensed Installer of Gallagher Security Access Control Hardware and has specialized in the installation of these systems since 2014 in a wide range of businesses across the continental United States. Gallagher Security is known worldwide for their expertise in the Security industry, delivering integrated security solutions that meet the varying needs of the customer. Gallagher Security products range from basic access control right through to critical hardware with some of today’s highest security requirements.

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